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Supply teaching a perfect work life balance


Is supply teaching really the perfect answer to your work life balance?

Well, it can certainly help unless you are swapping one stressful situation for another.

It can be a big step, but for some teachers it can be absolutely the right step at the right time.   Having to juggle family, work and friends is difficult but trying to find time for you is just impossible. 

Most teachers are pretty well organised and can maybe schedule ten minutes after the children are in bed, the packed lunches are done, the swimming and sports kits are by the door and the planning and resources for tomorrows lessons are all checked.  Just enough time to take a deep breath and just maybe relax before it all starts again.

Being a supply teacher can help, it gives you the choice not to work every day, it also allows you to choose which days you work and where you work.   It absolutely gives you the opportunity to control your work balance and gives you more time to concentrate on the other areas of your life.

If stepping back from full time teaching into supply teaching means you have more time and energy for family and friends and it allows you to feel happier then those around you will benefit too. 

If you decide you want to find out more about supply teaching, try and find an agency that really listens to why you want to work as a supply teacher.

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