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The truth about supply teaching


The truth about supply teaching, is it right for me?

Supply teaching doesn’t suit everyone, some teachers find it difficult to step into a classroom at short notice and present a lesson to a class they have never met and at a school they are unfamiliar with.


The right agency for you will recognise and understand these anxieties and offer help and support to make your first supply teaching roles positive and rewarding experiences.

This usually takes the form of lots of encouragement and advice, an empathetic ear and a plethora of favorite pre-planned lessons.

A well established agency can really understand the needs of the school and provide lots of background information for the supply teacher even down to those classes that need a bit more ‘class management’ on the day.  

 It is easy to assume that these worries only affect newly qualified teachers but It can be an upsetting time for a very experienced teacher to find themselves in the situation of contemplating supply for the first time in their careers.

The successful transition from full time teacher to supply teacher is fundamentally linked to finding the right supply teaching agency for you that offers the level of support you need when you need it.

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